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Film/Photography/Videography With 3 years of film experience under my belt and currently in a accelerated cinematography program, you can be sure all of your video and photography needs are current and trending

Podcasting, Voice Over and Webinars With 2 years of podcasting experience,  in addition to 5 years of Voice Over and Webinar experience, I have the ability to listen to not only my own voice and change the tone of expression to make it more engaging, but also can listen others and help them improve their communication skills so that the information they are conveying can be enjoyed and retained.

Creating Instructional Content for Easy Access- People need to access their training content on the go, whether it's from a cell phone, laptop or iPad. I can make sure all your training programs are up to speed. Documentation of all internal processes can be recorded in a modern way.

Everyone Learns Differently With the ability to assess learning styles and strengths of individuals, programs can be tailored to be engaging to a variety of personality types

Ability to Study and Learn Your Company/Software Fast- I'm what they call a multi-passionate learner. According to the Gallup Strength Assessment I have 5 main themes that help me not only excel at learning new information but conveying that information to others. Those 5 themes are Input, Command, Ideation, Adaptability and Learner. You can learn more about these strengths here:  My Strengths Insight Report

Experience Teaching/Training Large Groups- I've trained one on one's to groups of 50-100. Everything from personal training, science and robotics,  team building, to software implementation. Live and in-person, webinars, phone training and more

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