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Annihilation Review

We recently went to go see Annihilation with the lovely Natalie Portman and the captivating Jennifer Jason Leigh, two of my favorite actresses. OMG. I loved it. LOVED IT. I have not seen such a visually stunning movie in so long. I loved every second of it. So before we go any further... SPOILERS...SPOILERS... SPOILERS ALERT!!!

This movie was a mind-bending journey of the self. We confront our own inner demons while watching this moving and come face to face with the possibility that life is just a journey of self-destruction. I'm only going to spend one sentence on the obvious feels every woman will get when seeing an ALL WOMAN team of professional scientists embark on this possible suicide mission... it was awesome and inspiring!

What we come to see in Area-X is a world that is beautiful in it's own way. DNA merging, mutating and evolving, in fact "refracting". One of the most chilling moments is with the bear that has somehow developed the ability to capture it's last victim's voice. This moment in itself is so terrifying, jaw-dropping, and exceeded my expectations with bringing new ideas to the Science Fiction world this year.

Although the movie is loosely based on the book from the Southern Reach Trilogy, it has made me want to read the series because of the mind bending, reality altering scenes that we were presented with. I'm not sure if the ending scene where Lena meets the shimmering alien is in the book itself, but that scene was so mesmerizing. Like a dance with your own self perhaps. Do we let the unknown take over and become someone else? Do we dance with our insecurities, depression, inner demons, whatever the case may be, until we become intertwined into infinity with them? When we're done with this dance, are we the same person, or have we annihilated who we used to be to become someone better?

All these questions pop into mind, as I reflect on the beauty of the music and the choreography of this scene. I can't wait to see the movie again!

If you've seen it what are some of your thoughts?? I'd love to hear them!

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