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Creative Fun in the Summer

Georgia summers are hot, humid and pretty miserable for the most part. What better way to cool off than a nice...milk bath. Milk bath photoshoots have been so trendy this year. I had never done one before, but I had seen plenty of them being done in the photographer groups I am a part of.

Every week it was a woman in a milk bath with beautiful flowers. First of all.... Who has time to go pick that many flowers and take a bath with them. No one that's who. Second, why are you sitting with flowers in your bath? Because they smell good? Doubt it. What is more realistic- a woman sitting in a milk bath full of flowers, or a woman sitting in a milk bath full of cereal?

I mean, I know I would choose cereal over flowers any day of the week. So began the plunge into the first of a series of Foodoir Fotos.

This series is more for me to work on branching out and being creative and expressing my frustration with the photography community copying each other all the time. I promise I understand the fact, that milk bath portraits can be stunning and beautiful. But good lord, does everyone have to do them?

Anyways, I decided for the first set of my Foodoir Fotos to do a Milk Bath Series.

Check them out below.

A pop of color

Seductive Cereal

The Joy of Froot Loops

The intense longing for the next crunchy bite


Hope everyone enjoys this series and can find the humor in it too :P I'll be pumping out more Foodoir and more parody this year!

- Katie

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