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Don't mind the debris!

There's a lot going on in life right now! We recently made the decision to sell our townhome. This townhome is incredibly special to my hubby Kris. He was able to get it on his own while working a job that was not paying very well. He's been here a whole of 4 years and I have been here 3 years so a lot of our first memories are in this home. However, it is a townhome, we have two huskies, and we are contemplating starting a family! We really would love a fenced in backyard for the pups and a detached house so we decided to sell!

The past couple months have been very crazy with getting the house in tip top shape to sell and searching or new homes as well. At the same time I have been focusing really hard on my photography work and this website so sometimes I start something (like this blog!) and don't have the time to finish what I started that day! Please excuse any virtual debris while we are in this transition period! I wanted the site live so people can visit it and see what is going on, but obviously there are some sections of the site that are still under construction so just bear with me through this!

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