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Lessons in Selling Your Home

We put up our house for sale! It was sold within 1 day. We still have to close, but me oh my the market is hot here in Metro-Atlanta. If you are looking to do FSBO (For Sale By Owner) here are some tips that we learned through the process!

Some tips for a FSBO listing:

  1. Clean, clean, clean! You're going to have a lot of people coming through your house, you want it looking spick and span. Cleanliness sells!

  2. Take great pictures with a wide angle lens. Can't afford a photographer? No problem. If you have a wide angle lens (heck, even some smartphones now have a wide angle feature) use that as it will make the house aesthetically pleasing in pictures.

  3. Do take pictures of every room. Do NOT take pictures that include half of something (like half of a shower). These half shots are really annoying to people who are searching for a home to buy and doesn't do anything for you as a seller.

  4. Don't let your neighbors know all the details of what is going on! Let's face it- you may have some great neighbors, but everyone has those nosy neighbors that just want to get in your business!! We made the mistake of opening our mouths to too many people and I constantly get texts from neighbors saying I should have done "this" or "that" before selling.

  5. Get your paperwork together. With this market right now- you'll likely get multiple offers! When you are ready to accept you will need to sign a Purchase Agreement as well as a Disclosure that informs the potential buyer of any issues that you are aware of with the house. Many states require a Closing Attorney for the actual Close of the Sale so be prepared for that expense and the paperwork that comes with that!

  6. Set aside some funds for random expenses that may occur. Closing costs are not the only cost you may incur! They buyer usually has a certain amount of time to do their due diligence and get a home inspector and termite inspector to come out to the property. If either of the inspections show anything that needs to get repaired, the buyer may request that you repair it before the closing.

I'll definitely be sad to see our baby go! This town house was our starter home and has allowed us to save and do so much in life! It's weird seeing pictures such as the one above because most of our nerdy decorations are packed away and there's not really anything personal about the home in this photo. But hey, a clean simplistic photo helps sell the house!!

I would definitely suggest doing a FSBO if you can and feel like taking on the challenge because it costs a lot less as far as fees go. If you are looking for someone to hold your hand through the process then I would suggest going through a realtor because there is SOOOO much paperwork! Sometimes the paperwork can be a little daunting. So far it has been a fun experience and I'm excited for what the future holds!

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