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The Power of Collab-ing with Other Photogs

I met Carrie from https://www.facebook.com/carriebrownphoto/ through one of our mutual local Photography groups. We had been chatting online for awhile and kept missing each other at various shoots.

She and I have a similar interest in Fine Art and Fantasy photography and I have been having the most difficult time getting any creative shoots together due to trying to sell the house, family emergencies, and prepping for traveling the country!

Well, we finally got together with the lovely Victoria DeMarco who is an amazing Costumer and beautiful model!

I originally wanted to follow Carrie around for learning a bit of lighting because I know hardly anything about Godox and just enough to scrape by on OCF. There was another photographer who also joined us, Johnny Vu you can check him out on www.instagram.com/vusocool and he had some great advice as far as OCF goes. We all had some fun together and I hope to work with both of them again.

I love collab-ing with other photographers because we all shoot differently, we all have a different story in mind when looking at a model, and we can all learn from each other!

Here are some of the shots from that session:

I'm curious which one is your favorite??

Let me know!

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