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Traveling Through Life

Life has a funny way of making certain moments last forever and others disappear in the blink of an eye. Maybe that's why I've always been interested in photography and videography. I can capture those good moments, or I can create a new world to escape the bad ones.

I feel as if most of America has gotten stuck in a rut. A rut I have no wish to participate in but I am woven into pieces of it despite my intentions. All this materialism, big business, working just to make ends meet is not how we as humans were meant to live. As Kris and I work diligently towards financial freedom we do have to play that game though. My debt will be paid off this year and we will finally be debt free aside from a car payment and our mortgage. I lived pay check to pay check for many years and swore never to do it again. It's not been the easiest path but I know it will be worth it.

We've made a pact to travel this life together and we've made a goal that we will be able to do the things we want to do without having to abide by someone else's rules, schedules, meetings.

I really enjoy traveling and I have yet to see most of the world. I want this blog to document the process of reaching our goals, but also document the fun we are able to still have while working towards our goals! I am an incredibly geeky person and though I may make most of my website about photography and film, I also want to incorporate my inner nerd into it.

This blog will encompass all those things and more!

What I would like this blog and site to accomplish:

  1. Tell stories- through the photos, videos, and posts I want your story to be told

  2. Connect people- in this world of big business I would like to connect you to people who are thriving in small businesses

  3. An outlet for creativity and expression

  4. Provide tips and helpful hints to help you live a more fulfilling life

I know I want to live a fulfilling life. I know you do as well. Join me, as we travel through this life, together

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